Civil Trials

Civil Trials: We believe the best results are achieved when the opposition knows you will take your case to trial. Some of America's most successful and innovative companies have entrusted us with their complex matters.

  • A famed women's shoe designer.
  • A world-renowned real estate development company.
  • A prestigious private equity firm.
  • A groundbreaking life sciences corporation.
  • A legendary entertainment club.
  • A leading woman-owned recruiting agency.

Our lawyers have tried a broad mix of civil cases across a wide range of industries and subject matters.

  • The Stratton Oakmont ("Wolf of Wall Street") injunction case.
  • The Nasdaq market-makers litigation that resulted in permanent structural changes to the OTC equities markets.
  • The multi-billion dollar class action against vitamin manufacturers.

We've done commercial matters, mass torts, intellectual property, products liability, antitrust, and more. When businesses and executives have their backs against the wall, we can help them fight their way out.  And when the best resolutions for our clients are the ones that happen before trial, we have successfully made those happen, too.